Abbaye Des Rocs - Montagnarde - 9% - 33cl - Bte
    • Abbaye Des Rocs - Montagnarde - 9% - 33cl - Bte

    Abbaye Des Rocs - Montagnarde - 9% - 33cl - Bte

    2023-05-26 03:26:55
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    This sturdy beer is strong both in taste and alcohol content (9%), boasting undeniably appealing flavours. The people of Montignies-sur-Roc, which lies to the south of Mons in the province of Hainaut, are known locally as Montagnards. It seemed perfectly natural then for a beer brewed in the village to be named La Montagnarde. Enlivened by a very sharp bouquet of fruitiness and spiciness, it has a stark taste, somewhere between intense bitterness and dreamy caramel. Absolutely sugar-free, this pure malt beer plays with a variety of flavours that soften the bitterness. There is a pepperiness at the back of the mouth and a tingling on the tongue. Its qualities continue to develop in the mouth, each element of its flavour having the chance to express itself individually. It is very active in the glass too, giving it a generous, long-lasting head. Its long finish highlights the ever-present bitterness, with a little less of the caramel. The finale evokes a kind of sugar-free gingerbread

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    Styles Untappd
    Belgian Strong Golden Ale

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