Padre Azul

Padre Azul

Amatitan, Jalisco - Mexico

It all started with a classic "boy meets girl" story: HP Eder, a young man from the Austrian Alps, and Adriana Alvarez Maxemin, a beautiful Mexican woman from the state of Jalisco, meet at the University of Heidelberg and fall madly in love.

When Eder finally meets Adriana's family in Mexico, he seizes the opportunity and proposes to her father. The answer from the Austrian father-in-law-to-be was a surprise: Adriana's father took out a bottle of tequila and explained to Eder that he had to toast with a glass of tequila with every member of the family, only then would the father of the bride give him his blessing. So Eder went around and fell in love not only with Adriana, but also with his new family and the Mexican traditions.

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