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Review By Mathias S
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One glass bottle was broken in the delivery. For my opinion, the package was too big or wrong packag ...
Review By Basile N
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Tout était parfait, l’emballage un peu galère mais ça allait
Review By Loris B
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Large choix de bière, on peut s’y perdre un peu mais en s’amusant des découvertes. On finit ...
Wychwood Brewery

Wychwood Brewery

Witney, Oxfordshire - England

Being different sits at the very heart of Hobgoblin's DNA, which naturally starts with their brewing ethos: challenging, experimental, fearless and always seeking the extraordinary. Head Brewer, Jon Tillson, and his eccentric but highly experienced team use entirely unique and highly secretive recipes to achieve the distinct colours and flavours found across the Hobgoblin and Wychwood range. It’s the ingrained knowledge, experience and intuition of these brewers that allows to create this extraordinary range of different beers. There's nothing artificial about the Hobgoblin brand and there's certainly nothing artificial in their recipes.

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