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Très bon service et service client rapide.
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Bières topissimees!!!
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Bonnes bières a portée de main ! Service au poil!
Faust Miltenberger

Faust Miltenberger

Miltenberg, Bayern - Germany

The best quality of beer and a first class taste for the region - that is their philosophy. The Faust brewery has been located in Miltenberg for over 360 years now and is the brewery of the Odenwald, Spessart and neighboring regions. This is where they are at home, and this is where their strength lies. While other breweries strive to make themselves known around the world, they like to be known in the region. Taking responsibility for this beautiful region where life is good also means supporting the regional economic cycle. The basic idea is that individuals and businesses spend their money in the region and thereby strengthen the economic power of all parties involved. This makes it possible to provide an excellent beer, for example. True to their motto "Faust. It stays between us". they also invest here and get involved in various ways in supporting associations, culture, sport, social projects and regional marketing.

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