Burgdorf, Bern - Switzerland

Out of curiosity, Samuel and Tobias started home brewing as a hobby. The first brew was 20 liters of lager. The driving force is the fascination of how you can make your own beer with simple means and yeast. It is still brewed as a hobby and there are many small scale beers up to 50 liters. With the registration in the brewery tax register, the name "Blackwell Brewery" appears for the first time.

Interest in wild yeast grew and Samuel started the Eurekabrewing blog. A blog for all the yeast lands on our planet. Blackwell Brewery has the opportunity to brew on the brewing system of the 523 brewery in Köniz. Due to the higher production volume, they also dare to fill the first wooden barrel in 2014. The Blackwell Barrel Society is formed in 2017 and Tobias now works entirely in the brewery.

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