Budapest, Közép-Magyarország - Hungary

MONYO Brewing, one of Hungary's first new wave breweries, was founded in 2014 by Pein Ádám and Németh Anti in Kőbánya with the goal of creating "craftbeer."

Adam was tired of trying to serve his consumers with so-called craft beers at MONYO in Calvin Square, the quality was extremely volatile at that time. The idea of starting his own brewery came from that time. All he had to do was find a man who could brew beer.

At that time, Anti was highly recommended. Anti was one of the first home brewers in the country. Like many others in the industry, he started brewing at home in the kitchen. Eventually, he was so impressed with the creative world of brewing that he left his university teaching career to start an illegal brewery for his friends. From morning to night, he experimented with different beers in his secret "lab" until he became a gypsy brewer (under contract), where he could make his recipes in large quantities in different breweries. During this time, his revolutionary beers became increasingly popular with a wider range of consumers.

They both finally went all in and took all their assets and energy and built MONYO Brewing over the course of nearly six months. The goal from the first minute was the same as it is today: the production of uncompromising beers for consumers.

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