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Très bon service et service client rapide.
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Bières topissimees!!!
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Bonnes bières a portée de main ! Service au poil!


Middelburg, Zeeland - The Netherlands

Owner and brewer Kees Bubberman started his brewing career in 2007 at Emelisse, a small regional brewery in Kamperland, Zeeland. Within a few years, Emelisse became a household name among craft breweries around the world, thanks to the British and American inspired beers, IPAs, strong porters, stouts that Kees Bubberman brewed.

Never afraid to try something new and drawing on his experience as a restaurant chef, he created more than 30 new beers, including an IPA with Earl Grey tea, barrel-aged porters and stouts and strong porters and stouts with coffee. Kees was ahead of his time with experimental flavors like these.

In 2014, Kees Bubberman decided to start his own brewery in his hometown of Middelburg. Grateful for the opportunities Emelisse gave him, he felt it was time to follow his own path. Kees Brewery began in January 2015. Kees continues to create new beers and research new tastes, sometimes following and sometimes setting trends.

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