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Review By Michele K
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Gran servizio e birre conservate perfettamente.
Review By Simon M
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Très bon service et service client rapide.
Review By Laurent
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Bières topissimees!!!
Schramm's Mead

Schramm's Mead

Ferndale, MI - USA

Mead got its big boost in the United States from homebrewers. It was part of the "homebrewing" boom that Charlie Papazian started in the 1980s. That's how Ken Schramm became a fan.

He made his first mead in 1988. He started his first competition with friends of his, which strengthened the group spirit and knowledge about it. His friend, Dan McConnell, and Ken also made a fresh batch of 13 ways with six different honeys fermented with the same yeast. And then the same honey with six different yeasts. And then the six honeys blended with the first yeast. They presented it at an American Homebrewers Association conference in 1992. People loved it and they've been doing it ever since.

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