Big Drop

Big Drop

Ipswich - England

They make award-winning craft beer. It just happens to be alcohol-free. So whether you're looking to cut back on alcohol, eliminate it, or just try something new, Big Drop has come up with a great beer for just about any beer lover.

Big Drop was launched in October 2016 by Rob Fink, along with his school friend/bandmate James Kindred. The idea for a brewery that made only non-alcoholic beers was motivated by their own lifestyle changes (i.e. fatherhood) and the frustration that there were no good non-alcoholic beers.

Together with renowned experimental brewer Johnny Clayton (formerly of Wild Beer Co), they perfected the techniques of making alcohol-free beer without resorting to the artificial removal of alcohol. The result is a beer that doesn't compromise on taste and has an alcohol content of only 0.5%.

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