Urban Lemonade

Urban Lemonade

Before there are any misunderstandings: Urban Lemonade is not a trendy drink vaguely associated with the anonymous big city, but a personal achievement. Not a rough concrete fizzy drink, but a drinking pleasure created in the haze of high culture. Urban Lemonade is not urban, but from Urban. Not New York, but Zurich.

A lemonade that was conceived in the context of a Japan exhibition at the Museum Rietberg should, of course, be one thing above all: sophisticated. That's why its creator Urban Högger still has it produced locally, naturally from natural products. And since it is well known that the eye also drinks, the gastronomic director brought the two Zurich graphic designers Kevin Högger and Jalscha Römer on board. Versatility is more in demand than ever these days, which is why the duo also helps in production, distribution and sales. Attentive readers will notice the common surname of 2/3 of the team, which is no coincidence, although there have certainly been such coincidences.

To date, three flavours have been created in the small family business, the speciality of which lies in the fruits used and their visibly high fruit juice content. As a test for this statement, close your eyes and imagine the taste and appearance of yuzu, calamansi, cocoa fruit and sirsak. Not so easy.

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