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La Mise en Bière: 10 years of evolution

The first shop of La Mise en bière opened in Lausanne in 2010. At the time, artisanal beers were rare to be found in the city. It was therefore of outmost importance to create a store that offers these precious nectars of all kinds: white beers, blond beers, brown beers, red beers, amber beers or black beers. The store's range is expanding rapidly, as the number of microbreweries and therefore the choice and types of beer offered by local and international brewers explodes. The arrival of IPAs, hopped, bitter and floral beers, revolutionized the small brewing world by bringing a refreshing renewal into the array of flavours.

In 2013, the small shop moved into a larger one, to respond to the evolution of the craft scene, which offers an increasingly varied and specialized choice of specialties and styles. Speciality beers are becoming more and more popular, and the Mise en Bière is meeting a growing customer base of amateurs and connoisseurs.... which are keen to discover and taste new products and specialities. In 2016, la Mise en Bière opened a bar with 32 draft beers on tap, which a regularly changing, in order to have as wide a diversity as possible. Every year, we therefore offer more than 1000 different beers on tap. Traditional ciders, gluten-free beers, alcohol-free beers, lactose-free beers, and vegan beers are also available at the bar and the shop and so are traditional lemonades, kombuchas or Club Maté. Some finger-food and tapas (mmmhhhh eggplant caviar, mmmhh dried tomatoes!!!!) will help you to cope with the plenty of drinks!

La Mise en bière works directly with international breweries to import rare nuggets, which are hard to be found in Switzerland. To ensure the freshness of hop products, which also suffer from global warming, we have refrigerated storage rooms. Not breaking the cold chain preserves the taste of our beers (bottles, cans, was, k-keg). We are charged with the distribution of these products to restaurants and pubs, as well as some specialized stores. Back in the days, our deliveries were made by cargo bike. Today we deliver throughout French-speaking Switzerland and logistics is no longer the business of cyclists. But we have kept our system of returnable containers to recover and allow glass to be reused. Finally, as our customers sometimes come from far away, La Mise en bière now offers the online sale of its entire product range, which means more than 800 beers, from more than 20 countries (for the complete list see below) and 160 breweries. We also offer the rental of beer drawers, so that you can taste our nice and refreshing drinks at your events, birthdays, weddings, stag and hen parties and other festivities.

The choice of the catalogue is the result of a team of enthusiasts, who enjoy discovering the best current breweries by exchanging with customers and brewers. They walk around festivals to spot new products. Regular blind tastings guarantees that our choices are based on taste qualities rather than by the design of the labels. Finally, beer is not a guy thing ! Parity has never been a challenge for our team, which is equally involved, represented (and obviously paid). Cheers!

Provenance of our beers: Germany, England, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Scotland, Spain, United States, Finland, France, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Norway, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Serbia, Switzerland, Sweden.

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Review By Raphael 0 1 2 3 4
Service et communication au top, livraison super rapide et efficace Super selection qui penche quand même fort du coté des IPAs modernes. Perso je rêve de voir une plus grande selection de Lager et de bières de soif classiques ou modernes. A ...
Review By Bart S 0 1 2 3 4
delivery service, how you manage communication is awesome. Overall choice of beers really good, but the site is not optimal to get around, e.g. I cannot tick multiple countries (or choose all except 1), slide for alcohol and price is working odd ...
Review By Pauline E 0 1 2 3 4
Grande facilité et flexibilité pour passer commande, j'ai pu venir retirer mes articles le soir au bar, service impeccable :)
Review By Vik K 0 1 2 3 4
Amazing selection, multiple payment methods available, pretty fast shipping, what’s not to like?
Review By Antoine B 0 1 2 3 4
Review By Gaël A 0 1 2 3 4
toujours aussi bien-bon!!