Copenhagen, Region Hovedstaden - Denmark

In 2003 he was a math and physics teacher who began experimenting with hops, malt and yeast at home in his small kitchen in Copenhagen - a short walk from the main Carlsberg brewing site. Today, Mikkel Borg Bjergsø exports its craft beer to 50 countries and operates an equal number of bars and restaurants around the world.

Mikkeller's inventive and constant development has earned him international recognition as one of the most innovative and forward-thinking brewers and entrepreneurs in the world. Before it all started, beer was just something Mikkel drank to get drunk while partying with his friends - the cheaper the better.

While studying to become a teacher, the young Dane found a job at a local cafe, where he was introduced to Belgian beers like Chimay and Hoegaarden. He quickly developed a taste for foreign beer and had the idea of ​​starting a beer club with friends. They met regularly, sitting around a table in a small basement, tasting and evaluating different types of beers.

A few years later, after Mikkel got a job as a physics and math teacher at a school in Copenhagen, he would sometimes stop by a local pub for a beer after work (known in Danish as fyraftensbajer ) on the way back. It was in this pub that he tasted and fell in love with an India Pale Ale from the Danish brewery Brøckhouse and realized that he could save a lot of money, and maybe even win a competition. at the beer club, if he could brew a beer like that… Himself.

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