Copenhagen, Region Hovedstaden - Denmark

The opening of Baghaven was a game-changer in Mikkeller's history, as it marked the moment when - finally - spontaneously fermented sour beer was made from the local terroir. The arrival of American brewer Ehren Schmidt to lead operations at Baghaven laid the foundation for a site that would merge tradition with cutting-edge innovation.

Baghaven is home to 12 large oak barrels, ranging in size from 3,000 to 7,000 liters, and over50 225-liter California chardonnay barrels. These oak vats house beers where wild yeasts and bacteria transform the liquid inside into products of incredible depth and complexity. In addition to barrel aging, the internal microbiology laboratory allows cultures of yeast and bacteria to be preserved and new strains to be isolated from the air, fruit skins and various other sources.

These "wild" strains bring a unique character that gives beer a real Copenhagen DNA. Expect to see a variety of fruity wild ales, hardy seasons, and other experimental styles produced under the Baghaven brand. True to the style of this beer, which takes time and patience, Baghaven has slowly but surely made a name for itself in the international beer community. This is especially true in summer, with their magnificent waterside tasting room, which is the perfect place to enjoy a beer in the sun.

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